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The student news site of Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas


The student news site of Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas


The student news site of Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas


Spending all four years of high school as part of choir and journalism, senior editor-in-chief Brooke Colombo writes that saying goodbye isnt as easy as she anticipated.

Brooke Colombo, Editor-in-chief

Brooke Colombo is Editor-in-Chief of Wingspan, and has been involved in journalism since her freshman year. It’s been a year now, and present Brooke still isn’t 100 percent sure of what she’s doing with her life. In addition to Wingspan, Brooke is involved in the school’s varsity choir, and especially enjoys singing a good ol’  jazz tune. In her spare time, Brooke enjoys indulging in obsessive tendencies, subjecting her friends to astrological analysis of their personalities (she’s a Libra, by the way), “enlightening” her mind and body with a solid yoga practice, and sitting in her bed watching educational YouTube videos on loop. While she thinks she’s more than ready to be out of high school, Brooke is planning on making her last year as fulfilling as possible.

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