UNT to open new campus in Frisco


Keegan Broadway

There will be a new UNT campus in Frisco near the Dallas North Tollway.

Brooke Colombo, Editor-in-Chief

The University of North Texas and Frisco officials are set to disclose new plans on Tuesday to build a campus on 150 acres of land near the Dallas North Tollway.

In order to begin the projected four-year and $100 million dollar development of the campus, plans must be approved by the Frisco City Council, Frisco Economic Development Corporation, and Frisco Community Development Corporation.

“We’re excited about the possibility of a ‘public-public’ partnership with the University of North Texas,” Mayor Jeff Cheney said in a Dallas Morning News article. “We look forward to tomorrow’s council vote, as well as the votes of our Economic and Community Development Corporations and that of the UNT Board of Regents.”

UNT is also required to receive approval from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating board by Sept. 1. Otherwise, legislative action must be taken to pursue development.

“All the public votes still have to be taken, so we can’t discuss it yet,” UNT spokeswoman Kelley Reese said in a Dallas Morning News article. “But we are looking forward to the vote and a very promising partnership.”

Differing from the UNT Dallas campus, the Frisco campus will not be a standalone campus. UNT’s parent campus in Denton can seek standalone university status for the new campus  after maintaining full-time enrollment of 3500 for four fall semesters, or 3500 for one fall semester and 4000 the next fall semester.

UNT-Dallas previously had an enrollment of 3500 students last fall, while UNT-Frisco will be capable of serving 5000 students upon opening.