A change of scenery, choir sings at Texas Legends game


Brooke Colombo

In 2018, the choir made their first appearance at a professional sporting event, singing the national anthem at FC Dallas. This year, the choir will be heading to the Comercia Center to sing the anthem before a Texas Legends basketball game.

Caroline Caruso, Guest Contributor

Students in choir will be singing the National Anthem at the Texas Legends basketball game on Wednesday at 6:45 p.m., immediately before the Legends take on the Stockton Kings at the Comercia Center.

“I’m excited for the game because it’s a really good opportunity for us to go and watch sports while getting to hang out with our friends,” freshman Kamarri Askew said. “Overall I’m hoping to get some experience and learn how to perform in front of crowds better, and because we’ve really had the time to practice in class, I feel like we’re ready for this.”

Freshman Jiya Sriyawanshi believes that the game will be a learning experience.

“I think the performance will show that we can really get out there, and that choir is not just an in school thing, that we’re involved with other places also,” Sriyawanshi said. “I’m just happy that I get to be singing with my friends, it’s really fun.”

Helping her program get more exposure in the local community is something choir director Toni Ugolini is excited about. 

“This year my students have just done a really good job about representing our school well, in various different environments,” Ugolini said. “I’m excited for them to pursue this new venue as well.”