Student performers to showcase their talents

This story has been updated to reflect Thursday’s talent show will take place on the auditorium stage

A ruined stage and countless other repairs aren’t going stop Thursday’s talent show for going on as dozens of students will perform starting at 7 p.m. in the auditorium.

Remi Williams
Workers make last minute repairs in the auditorium before Thursday’s talent show which starts at 7 p.m. The auditorium suffered significant water damage in an accident on Dec. 7.

The talent show isn’t new to the school, but the way winners are chosen has changed this year.

“We are letting the audience do the complete vote this year,” theater director Heather Willingham said. “We are letting the audience do the complete vote this year, so we are voting through a Google vote form, and letting them decide.”

A broken water pipe on Dec. 7 caused an estimated $200,000 in damage to the auditorium and while repairs were expected to be completed in January, the show will go on with many of the student performers practicing for hours leading up to the show.

After an accident in tech theater knocked off an emergency sprinkler above the stage in the auditorium and broke a pipe, water rained down on the stage. When the emergency sprinkler got hit, it triggered a fire alarm leading to the Frisco Fire Department responding.

“I’m doing a contemporary choreography,” junior Hallie Winterbauer said. “I’m dancing with William so we have a duet. It was a lot of listening to the music and trying to interpret it on our own terms and getting inspiration from the lyrics and doing a collective group effort to make everything flow and get the image that we wanted.”

The talent show will showcase other acts such as singing, piano, stand-up comedy, and percussion. Freshman Kameron Askew is singing “I’m here” from the musical The Color Purple.

“I wanted to do the talent show because it just seemed like fun, and I love to perform,” Askew said. “I think that it should be very fun, and there’s lots of talent that will be displayed.”