Little Women, big awards


Perry Mellone

“Little Women, the Musical” is nominated for many Dallas Summer Musical High School Musical Awards, with many students up for awards.

Brooke Colombo, Editor-in-chief

Theater’s rendition of Little Women may have premiered back in November, but the show is still receiving recognition after being nominated for several Dallas Summer Musical High School Musical Awards, the most in Frisco ISD.

“It’s very exciting to have that recognition,” theater director Heather Willingham said. “You can compare it to UIL, getting ones, getting fours; it’s very similar to that, and some our scores were at fours last year and went up to ones this year.”

Senior Grace Raber has been nominated for best actress after striving for the nomination since her freshman year. If Raber wins, she will receive an all-expense paid trip to New York City where she would represent Dallas in the National High School Musical Theatre Awards.

“It’s always been my dream and I never thought it would happen,” Raber said. “This is like a mini Tony for high school theater, and it’s really well known across the country, so to get this recognition is really awesome.”

Behind the scenes, sophomore Kyle Strickland is the first FISD student to be nominated for the lighting design award.

“I’ve worked with friends who have won this award, I’ve worked with people who won other awards and it’s a great honor for me,” Strickland said. “It means a lot that something I practice and something I enjoy is good enough to show to more people than just our school.”


Dallas Summer Musicals High School Musical Theatre Award nominations:

Best Actress- Grace Raber

Student Orchestra- Julie Blackstock

Set Design- Kyle Strickland

Lighting Design- Kyle Strickland


Honorable mentions:

Stage Crew/Technical

Music Direction- Bruce Stevenson

Choreography- Maya Koch