Mock accident designed to prevent the reality of Shattered Dreams

Students lined Rolater Road Thursday to witness a grim scene: police and paramedics attending to injured and dying students in the aftermath of a simulated drunk-driving related car crash, all part of the Shattered Dreams program presented by Frisco ISD with the support of  the Frisco Police Department and Frisco Fire Department

I think it was so real, and that’s what resonated with me, because it wasn’t just a scene that they were trying to show,

— senior Shreya Balamurali

“I think it was so real, and that’s what resonated with me, because it wasn’t just a scene that they were trying to show,” senior Shreya Balamurali said. “They used real students, real people, and officers and medics came to the scene. It sends a message because high schoolers are always prone to use substances that they aren’t supposed to, and then they lose their lives, so I think it helped me understand the severity of it.”

Having witnessed the events and following her child, senior Keegan Williams to the hospital, parent Julee Williams found the experience quite jarring.

“It was very emotional and gut-wrenching, but I’m grateful Keegan wanted to be a part of Shattered Dreams,” Julee Williams said. “It shows that their choices affect their family, friends, school, and community. It shows that if they choose to be drunk and get behind the wheel, the consequences will be long lasting. I’m hoping it will possibly save a life.”

With so many elements to evoke realism, the demonstration was no easy feat to orchestrate. School Resource Officer Glen Hubbard was in charge of planning the event for the first time and stresses the importance of its message.

“There was a lot that went into it, but with all the admin, teachers, STUCO, Wingspan and volunteers to help me out, the school really came together to get it done,” Hubbard said. “It brings a certain reality to the issue and students get to see how one of these crashes is actually worked. Don’t drink and drive because it could end your life or somebody else’s life. If it doesn’t end your life, it could severely affect it either legally or physically.”

This isn’t the first time students have been exposed to drunk driving situations, as many were required to watch videos on the subject in driver’s ed, but some students saw a key difference between that and Shattered Dreams.

“It looked really real and it gave more of a real life experience rather than just hearing about someone whose been in that position,” senior Hannah Champagne said. “It’s people you know, so it kinda hits closer to home than watching a random person. Also, you’re watching the entire scene happen, rather than just watching parents talking about their kids who died.”

While the program is mainly directed at upperclassmen, especially with prom in the coming weeks, underclassmen were still involved in viewing the crash, so that all grade levels are able to experience the program in high school.

It looked really real and it gave more of a real life experience rather than just hearing about someone whose been in that position,

— senior Hannah Champagne

“It just makes you realize it’s a possibility,” sophomore Megan Champagne said. “You see videos and you don’t really think that’s ever going to happen to you, but it can.”

With prom on April 7, Shattered Dreams serves as reminder to students who may be attending parties or other after-prom activities to think of the safety of themselves and others.

“I think everyone has to make smart to decisions,” senior Catheryne Crabtree said. “I personally don’t drive, but watching this made me realize not only should you not drink and drive, but you shouldn’t get into a car with someone you know is drunk. It made me realize how severe a simple mistake can be.”

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  • After driving while intoxicated in the Shattered Dreams program, senior Kendall Pulaski receives a field sobriety test.

  • Portraying a student involved in a simulated underage drinking and driving accident, senior Hailey Middleton reacts to seeing her injured friends.

  • Firefighters help senior Keegan Williams out of a demolished vehicle following the staged crash.

  • Workers from Turrentine Jackson Morrow lay down senior Sisi Simo to load her into the hearst.

  • During the Shattered Dreams program, junior Cameron Steele received several life-threatening wounds.

  • With her head resting against the back of the driver’s seat, senior Maddi McGarrh faces the aftermath of a staged drunk-driving accident.

  • Junior Jordan Miller lays unconscious against the broken window following the fake crash.

  • Following the fake crash, senior Sisi Simo awaits medical assistance.

  • Paramedics push senior Maddi McGarrh in a gurney to take her to Centennial Medical Center.

  • Following the fake crash, junior Cameron Steele lays unconscious waiting for medical assistance.

  • Paramedics pry the roof off the car to make it easier to assist junior Cameron Steele.

  • Paramedics check for senior Maddi McGarrh’s vital signs and pulse.

  • A Frisco Police Department officer marks off the location of the vehicles back tire during Thursday’s Shattered Dreams simulated accident.

  • The CareFlite helicopter carries senior Keegan Williams to Centennial Medical Center for treatment.

  • With the simulated accident over, the cars involved in the staged accident were moved from the street to the grass where crosses representing the Living Dead were placed.