Review: Dark Hour brings out the scare


Marisa Uddin

Featuring plenty of things lurking, loud noises, bright lights and smoke, Dark Hour in Plano is rated as one of the top haunted house experiences in the nation according to USA Today.

Brooke Colombo, Editor-in-Chief

As Halloween approaches, many people are looking to get into the spooky spirit, and haunted houses are a great way to do just that. At number four on Haunted Attraction Association’s top ten list, Dark Hour allows visitors to really immerse themselves in what Halloween is really about: primal fear.

That’s exactly the experience nearly everyone in my party had, except for myself at most times. What’s most notable about the haunted house is just how well-designed the sets were. Rather than being terrified by many of the eerie-looking creatures lurking around reaching out for me, some visitors may be more impressed with how great the costumes are. It was almost like being transported into another world and the haunted house has become reality.

Being presented with the knowledge that actors can’t touch you in the house takes away from the fear for me. What was probably the most startling part was the jump scares. It was almost impossible to pass a fake window, door, or round a corner without something jumping out. While this could get a little predictable as time went on, it was still alarming.

A trip through the haunted house is about 30 minutes long, but it definitely felt like longer. With general admission prices ranging from $23-30, the price is probably worth it for those who genuinely love paying to be scared. However, it may be a bit expensive for those that are harder to scare.

But Dark Hour is more than a haunted house as there are other features including a tarot card reading booth and a 10-minute mini-playhouse at additional costs for those craving more after the haunted house.

Dark Hour adds a lot to the Halloween atmosphere. With the temperatures still feeling like Summer, attractions like haunted houses make it seem a little more like Fall. For those wanting a little escape from their every-day lives, Dark Hour is a great option.