Countdown to Red Rhythm tryouts begin Monday after school


Mechelle Plantz

With the start of the school year, all members of Red Rhythm are back to in-person practice. With this, the team is able to bring back many traditions they were unable to do last year.

Brooke Colombo, Editor-in-chief

The search for next year’s Red Rhythm dance team begins Monday from 4:30-6:30 p.m. with four days of clinics culminating in tryouts on Friday.

The candidates will learn a new jazz dance, precision military routine, and kick routine over the course of four days.

“They’re always under kind of a crunch deadline and we’re learning a lot of material in a short amount of time,” director Nicole Nothe said. “I know it can be intimidated to be in a gym with a bunch of girls, but any audition experience definitely helps you grow as a person and preps you for real life interviews.”

While it is not required, many girls take the time after clinic to practice as well, leading to hours of preparation for the tryout.

“In the past I’ve been able to go to the YMCA with friends and practice the dances,” junior lieutenant Ella Johnson. “It’s also nice to see how the time learns dances and practice multiple days in a row, rather than just one tryout day.”

Despite the hard work, existing team members find it beneficial as it shows what being on the team will be like.

“It gives girls the opportunity to experience what it will be like on Red Rhythm,” sophomore April Xu said. “It’s a chance to hang out with other girls on the team and learn dances that we will be doing throughout the year.”

The team is chosen not by the directors, but by a panel of guest judges.

“We are just looking for girls that want to commit, because drill team is a huge commitment, make good grades, and girls who are upstanding in their personality, professionalism, and lady-like behavior,” Nothe said. “We don’t really have say so, but those are things we hope for in our team. We’re just excited to meet the girls and watch them grow through the process.”