Voting irregularities lead to new NHS voting


Sarah Philips

National Honor Society will be holding their first meeting in person meetings of the year since Spring 2020 this Tuesday and Wednesday. “I think the biggest difference between last year and now is the volunteer opportunities we have for members,” she said. “This year, we really want to provide opportunities that are geared towards our members’ interests.”

Brooke Colombo, News Editor

National Honor Society officer voting has been reopened until 4:30 p.m. Thursday with a new voting link emailed to members as a result of voting irregularities that arouse from an anonymous voting ballot on Google Docs.

“We’ve since found out that we’re not going to be able to continue that,” NHS co-sponsor Makenzi Epps said. “People are taking advantage of it, so we’ve released a new poll that automatically collects emails and it won’t be confidential anymore.”

The original link was shared with students outside of NHS which is thought to have skewed the results. In an effort to prevent this from happening, votes will be tracked.

“We’ll know who voted for who,” Epps said. “That information won’t be released, but that way we can hold our members accountable and make sure we don’t have more votes than we should.”

Earlier votes from the initial link will not count and NHS members must vote with the new link in order to have their selection counted.

“We’ve invalidated all votes,” senior Tom Cline said. “[We’ve] made a new link to ensure that this is an honest and fair election in order to have the best representatives for our organization next year.”