Cultivating cultural awareness the focus of Redhawk Rant

Redhawk Rants will be used to raise awareness about drug abuse.

Megan Lin

Redhawk Rants will be used to raise awareness about drug abuse.

Brooke Colombo, Editor-in-chief

Pulse is teaming up with the Black Student Union to lead a Redhawk Rant on Wednesday in hopes of cultivating cultural awareness on the last day of Black History Month.

“With there being a lot of tension in our country currently surrounding inequality and discrimination, we thought this topic will empower students to share their experiences and allow other perspectives to be shown,” Pulse and BSU member Zoomy Taylor said. “We invited BSU to work with us since they have many discussions on race, colorism, and inequality. Talking about social issues is what brings change, improvement, and inclusion.”

While Black History month works to highlight the significance of African-Americans, their accomplishments, and culture, Pulse and BSU will apply this idea in general to all races.

“By it being February, which is Black History Month, we feel like this would be a very good time to do a cultural awareness presentation,” BSU member Kayce Antione said. “It’s not about wooing people and saying we’re better; we’re more so trying to educate people.”

In addition to educating people, BSU is also hoping to attract more members by helping lead the Redhawk Rant.

“[We hope] to just educate people about the club too,” BSU member Chloe Sampsell-Baines said. “Our club is very diverse as it is, and we have a lot of different ethnicities come to meetings, but we just want more [diversity] across the club and school.”