Pulse try to get an early beat on 2017-18


Sarah Philips

Pulse is starting its 2017-18 recruiting drive early with a meeting before school Tuesday.

Aliza Porter, Staff Reporter

Pulse is trying to get a head start on next year by holding a meeting Tuesday at 8 a.m. in C126 for students interested in joining.

“The purpose of the Pulse meeting next Tuesday will be asking students who wants to be an ambassador, asking which ones want to fill out an application for officer meetings, you know, go over the structure for next year,” counselor Ryan Kiefer said. “Kind of game plan for how this is going to transfer from this year to next year.”

Posting flyers throughout the school, Pulse is doing what it can to advertise and attract new students.

“It’s important to recruit for the future year before the current year ends so that is gives your club the best vision for who will be a part of what you will be accomplishing next year,” senior Josh Rubio said. “This will allow you to come up with practical ways to get your members involved and allow them to harness their talents to make a difference on their school throughout the year (at least, that is what Pulse club is about).”

With 50 clubs on campus, Pulse is trying to spread positive vibes across campus.

“The updated mission of Pulse is to develop and implement programs which foster a positive and safe school climate,” Rubio said. “These programs will emphasize kindness, acceptance, and emotional health. This mission will be modeled by the student leaders participating in the organization.”

Tuesday’s meeting will also provide the chance for others to step us in the void being left by seniors such as Rubio.

“We’re also giving students the chance to take charge,” Rubio said. “That is why during this meeting we are also opening up applications for officer positions. It will be a very exciting time to look out towards days ahead while this current season comes to a close. I believe that students will be very inspired by the opportunities that they can seize with Pulse club.”