Alterations made to advisory period


Perry Mellone

Changes to the advisory period implemented Monday allow students to go from class to class instead of being limited to attending tutorials with just one teacher.

Brooke Colombo, Editor-in-chief

Starting Monday, school administrators are tweaking the advisory period to better serve the school. For the first five weeks of the school year, students were required to go to a classroom, the cafeteria, library, or gym, and remain there for the entire advisory period. Now, this regulation has been lifted.

“We’re allowing [students] to go from class to class,” assistant principal Jason Harris said. “So, if they get done with something in their English class and they need to go to their science class, then they can go down that hall.”

With up to eight classes to manage, the change is expected to be helpful to some students.

“I think it’s a good idea,” senior Hannah Champagne said. “It allows people to go talk to a teacher if they need to or get homework done, and then they can go sit with their friends after.”

The advisory period also required more teachers to be on duty monitoring the halls, but with students given more mobility, more teachers will be able to remain in their classrooms for tutoring.

“It’s good because [students] can take care of more than one tutoring session during advisory,” algebra teacher Amy Granier said. “I haven’t seen the impact of it yet, but I think teachers will be a little more busy.”