Last chance for 2018-19 schedule changes

Brooke Colombo, Editor-in-Chief

After pre-enrolling for classes back in February, students have one final opportunity to make any schedule change requests for the 2018-19 from April 1 to 13.

Only changes within programs, such as Pre-AP/AP drops, will be considered after April 13. Current schedule requests can be reviewed through the Home Access Center. A schedule change request can be submitted via the google form.

We strongly encourage you to make changes with caution,” the counseling office said via email. “Each student had the opportunity to meet with a counselor and discuss course choices for the 2017-2018 school year; thus not all changes will be possible nor may they be recommended.”

Students are required to make changes to their schedule if they currently have more than eight courses or less than eight courses, including early release or late arrival.

The following courses are not available for students to add to their 2018-19 schedule:

Advanced Fashion Design

Advanced Interior Design

Advanced Placement Art History

Advanced Placement Art 3D

American Sign Language

Interpersonal Studies

Personal Financial Literacy

Survey of Agriculture

Survey of Information Technology

Teen Leadership II

Any course with an application process