Nearly $4,000 raised in holiday donation drive


Brooke Colombo

Over the course of two weeks, the school raised nearly $4,000 through a donation drive held primarily in 2B classes. The money is being donated to the Samaritan Inn and Small World.

Megan Lin, Editor-in-chief

Students raised $3,977.32 to donate to the Samaritan Inn/Small World as part of the school’s holiday donation drive held Dec. 5 -15.

“When I spoke with the donation manager there she was hoping to use the money to actually build a new food pantry for the homeless folks that are staying at the Samaritan Inn so that they have somewhere to go to get essential foods and groceries and that sort of things,” counselor Staci Stokes said. “The awesome amount of money that Liberty High School is donating will hopefully go towards that.”

The donation drive took place in 2B with the top three fundraising classes receiving Nothing Bundt Cakes with Spanish teacher Makenzi Epps’ class taking second place.

“I’m super excited because I love charity, I get all excited about it I think it’s an amazing time of the year where we get the opportunity to think about how much we have and what we can do for other people, so that’s exciting,” Epps said. “[The students] are amazing, thank you for caring so much about other people and I’m proud of you.”

StuCo also helped in the fundraising effort in hope of raising awareness among students on campus.

“StuCo raised the money by going to different events that the school was hosting and doing bell ringing and collecting money from just people who were coming to the events,” senior Erica Schlaegel said. “I hope they gain just respect for the people that don’t have as much as we do and that aren’t as fortunate as us and that going on the next years that more people are willing to donate and do something for the less fortunate.”