Dance group gives back to community


Having fun with dance and giving back to the community is goal of the school’s Dance for a Cause club which is open to anybody regardless of their proficiency in dance.

Brooke Colombo, Editor-in-Chief

Originally a non-profit organization started by a Plano East Senior High School student, Dancing for a Cause made its way to the school two years ago, and now provides students with a sense of community and belonging through dance.

While the club may be centered around dance, its focus is on passion for the performing arts rather than technical skill.

“DFC is a place welcome to everyone who is willingly to try out the artform or dance, or even just socialize,” president and junior Jimmy Qian said. “We’re one big family, and I strongly feel that it’s one of the most welcoming clubs in the whole school. I’ve seen kids with little confidence in themselves grow into confident individuals that can express themselves through dance comfortably.”

Members don’t only dance for fun, though, as the organization is also involved in volunteering to give back to the community.

“Besides performing, we basically have a headquarters or center that also coordinates events for us to participate in for volunteer work,” senior Kirsten Mallari said. “Most, if not all, our proceeds from funds and social events are donated to a greater foundation or ‘cause’ at the end of each year.”

The organization meets on a regular basis to bond with each other, practice as a group, and create routines that are well-matched to the skill sets of all members.

“There’s no strict obligations or requirements for anyone to become a member,” Kirsten Mallari said. “None of us are professional dancers, and we’re all sort of a second family to each other, so it’s just a great club for others to express themselves freely with movement and community service.”

The organization offers students a chance to be involved in a community that pushes them to push themselves and be comfortable with performing.

“Dancing for a Cause is truly a great opportunity for students, and I’ve become really close with the members,” member Jordan Lim said. “Anyone can join up, and there’s no prerequisites, so just put yourself out there and have fun.”