DECA slam dunks real marketing at Mavs game


17 DECA members attended the Mavericks game on Wednesday to learn about sports business.

Brooke Colombo, Editor-in-chief

Select DECA members attended a Dallas Mavericks event where they learned about business and marketing in the realm of sports, and attended a Mavs game against the Brooklyn Nets.

DECA offers the event to its chapters each year and only 17 members are chosen to participate.

“The Mavs event is separate from the actual DECA competition, but it’s there to allow students to see how businesses actually work, especially on the aspect of sports marketing,” DECA chapter adviser Chris Ham said. “It kind of gives them a better idea, and gives them the opportunity to hear from people who are actually in the field and see how the sports business works.”

While DECA students may be able to enjoy the more leisurely aspects of the event, they are still looking to use the experience from it in preparation for their State Career Development Conference from February 20 to 22.

“I’m doing a partner event, so I feel like it will help us bond more because we will be hanging out in a non-academic environment,” senior Varun Manjunath said. “Also, as a team and as a whole, we are getting a good bonding experience. And finally, from a business aspect of it, which is getting to see these people doing what they do.”