Venue change doesn’t quiet All-Region orchestra


Liberty Orchestra Twitter

Band and orchestra students admitted into the 2017 All-Region orchestras pose after performing in the concert.

Megan Lin, Editor-in-chief

Students who made the All-Region 24 Orchestra rehearsed Friday night and most of the day Saturday, culminating in a concert Saturday afternoon with the location switching from Liberty to Independence High School after Thursday’s water pipe break in the auditorium.

“Everybody pulled together and made it work,” orchestra director Julie Blackstock said. “It came to be a great concert.”

Students from all across the area including Plano and Allen came together to perform as an ensemble.

“The competition with Plano kids was rough,” junior Tay Nguyen said. “My stand partner was a freshman from Plano and they’re all so good.”

Despite the last minute location change, it didn’t take away from the whole event.

“I though region went well and it was a fun experience since I could learn from different conductors across the nation,” Nguyen said. “I didn’t really mind switching locations last minute since Independence was right down the street from Liberty.”