End of semester brings questions about schedule changes

Raina Kinneer

Raina Kinneer, WTV Staff Reporter

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As the first semester reaches its end, students are scrambling to switch out of unwanted classes, but students can only switch out of a class if it’s a pre-AP or Ap class or athletics and change request forms must be submitted to the counselor’s office by 4:30 p.m. Thursday.

“We definitely get that question a lot, if a student can drop an elective or change a semester elective,” counselor Staci Stokes said. “That’s against the schedule change policy. We can’t allow that.”

The process of switching out of a class, however, is not hard to do as long as the form is turned in on time.

“I wouldn’t say the process is difficult, really truly you just have to come pick up a form,” Stokes said. “We do encourage students to talk with their teachers and talk with their parents before dropping out of a pre ap or ap class to make sure they’re making the best decision possible.”

Switching classes can impact a student’s GPA however.

“So the only main effect on a GPA is going to be a student moving from pre-AP or AP to on level,” Stokes said. “They’re gonna lose that ten point GPA boost.”

Reporting for WTV, I’m Raina Kinneer.