Review: Sandbox takes art to a digital level


Megan Lin

Junior Melody Tavallaee plays the coloring game Sandbox during her free time.

Olivia Howard, Guest Contributor

For those with a passion to color, but don’t want to carry around paper and pens, the new app Sandbox allows users to color hundreds of different images with the touch of a finger.

Sandbox is a relatively easy and accessible app to use, it’s designed for users ages four and up. It’s great for all those who just need to take a break and color, relieving amounts of stress during days with heavy work loads.

The app offers unique images such as various animals, food and different holiday images, so there’s something of nearly all tastes to color.

Although there is one problem, and that’s for users who don’t have the unlimited option on the app as they may experience troubles connecting. Beyond that, Sandbox is a great way to relieve stress and take well earned breaks.

The app is available for free on the app store for iPhone, Samsung, and Androids. Although if you want unlimited coloring time and images, buyers will need to purchase Sandbox Unlimited.

This app is definitely worth giving a shot when you need a little break from the stress in your life, whether you are a student in school or an adult who has a job.