Band Solo Competitions

Riley Frankzie and Kennedy Williams

Kennedy Williams, WTV Staff Reporter

Saturday was a busy day for the band program as all students made the trip to Plano East Senior High School for the TMEA Region 24 solo and ensemble contest. 5A band students from Frisco and Plano ISDs performed a prepared solo or small group ensemble in front of a judge and had their performance rated on a scale of one to five, with five being the highest score.

“The solo ensemble went really well,” band director Jamie Weaver said. “We had about 142 participate with 119 getting first division rating. 23 of  those certified to go onto the state solo and ensemble contest if they choose to do so.”

The contest was a nice opportunity for students to take a break from performing with an entire marching band or their respective concert band.

“This actually prepares students on an individual level,” Weaver said. “Most of the other stuff they do is full group, but this actually prepares them individually, strengthening some of those skills that maybe the full group stuff doesn’t hone in for.”