Theatre previews UIL One Act Play

Minuki Medis

Minuki Medis, WTV Staff Reporter

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The theater department clashed swords and whipped up fiery magic as they performed their UIL One Act Play She Kills Monsters.

The play follows the story of a senior cheerleader with a nerdy little sister who recently died in a car crash.

In order to discover who her sister really was, Agnes decided to explore her sister Tilly’s Dungeons and Dragons game, uncovering many aspects of Tilly’s day-to-day life that Agnes had never noticed.

The play covers sensitive topics such as sexuality, coming of age, bullying, disabilities and the difficulties of high school stereotypes, mixed in with magic, exciting adventures, and fight scenes – a key part of D&D culture.

In the end Agnes regrets never getting to really know her sister, but from the game she gets a glimpse into the life her sister secretly lived, and learns to accept others despite their views on the surface.

“It was definitely difficult because we had someone on my friends shoulders, like a lot of the show so its like strenuous activity,” senior actress Hailey Middleton said. “I dont know, it’s difficult but it’s a lot of fun to work with all these different aspects of a show and to do it in 40 minutes.”

She also views the show as having a greater meaning and a significant message.

“We covered the LGBTQ society and I thought it was important to show it in a school setting,” Middleton said. “And like in the original script there were more slur words used in it and it shows more like this is still an active thing that teenagers in school will say, and this was like more based in the 90’s and i think it was important to show.”

The cast will perform the show in the area round of UIL 3:30 p.m. on Friday at Lone Star High School.