School safety Redhawk Rant recap


Perry Mellone

Leading a presentation on bullying, freshman Sasha Cornelius is one of the dozens of students who have volunteered to lead Redhawk Rants this year.

Megan Lin , Editor-in-chief

The Parkland school shooting that left 17 dead on Valentine’s Day helped prompt a campus wide discussion on Tuesday as Redhawk Rant covered school safety.

“The main thing is to ensure that everyone knows it’s the responsibility of everybody to keep us safe here at school,” assistant principal Jason Harris said.

School resource officer Glen Hubbard hopes to have discussions over school safety every year.

“I think it’s good to keep in the front of people’s minds, so they’re constantly vigilant about what’s going on,” Hubbard said. “If they see something unsafe, like maybe there’s a door open, or the same car in the parking lot of someone who doesn’t go here. Stuff like that needs to be brought forward.”

Students such as junior Rachel Guo think there could have been more to Tuesday’s Rant.

“I think it’s a good way to talk about it but it’s not that helpful because I don’t know, they might do something, but they’re not letting us go into that meeting and say this is what we need,” junior Rachel Guo said. “Pose a way for us to actually join into the adult conversation and like actually be able to make changes and not just saying you can, but actually being able to.”

In the effort to make Tuesday’s Rant more than a one day topic, Hubbard is asking that students not be afraid of speaking up.

“It’s okay to say something and not worry about what other people,” Hubbard said. “We want to take that stigma about telling on people away. I just hope people become a little more aware and aren’t afraid to say something, because sometimes I’ll be told something a week after, and if something went bad, it’s too late.”