Rattlers find a new home at the Star

Carter Brock

Carter Brock, WTV Sports Producer

The Star in Frisco is the home for Dallas’ new professional lacrosse team, the Dallas Rattlers.

The Rattlers, a member of major league lacrosse, is originally from Rochester, New York, but announced the move to Frisco last November.

“It’s the city. I mean, this building, the city of Frisco, the kids that are playing lacrosse, the community is growing head over fist,” Rattlers’ president Bill Goren said. “We just looked at the community and said this is the right place to be.”

Compared to Rochester, having a facility as state of the art as the star is a new experience for the players.

“I guess you could call it a facility in Rochester, we kinda bounced around,” goalie John Galloway said. “This is my 8th year in the league, and every year we were at a different stadium… so you can already feel it walking around – guys taking pictures on their phones – that’s not something we would’ve done in Rochester. We’re very appreciative of our time there but this is professional, and we’ve been treated that way so far.”

“I mean you can tell, look how excited they are,” Goren said. “They don’t always have access to something like this, so they’re all absolutely thrilled to be here. I think it’s a big draw not only for them, but for the fans.”

Aside from having a state of the art home field, the players see the opportunity of coming to Frisco as a chance to connect to a new fan base.

“Obviously, the facility is amazing, just the hospitality you know,” Galloway said. “Rochester holds a special place in all of our hearts, but to be able to come here and see the support this team has already had, and I already feel like the players have been more appreciated. I know we’re going to be excited come game day to prove that it’s worth it and lacrosse should be in Dallas.”

The team started its season with two games on the road before making their debut at the Ford Center on Sunday starting at 2:00 p.m.