Heading west, Watson signs with UC Riverside

Davis O'Brien

Kasey Harvey, Editor-in-chief

After four years of representing Redhawk boys’ basketball, senior Zac Watson will start fresh in California with a full ride athletic scholarship from UC Riverside. Wingspan Sports Editor Kasey Harvey caught up with Watson about how basketball will play a big role in his future.

Wingspan: What got you started playing basketball?

Watson: “I just started playing basketball probably when I was four or five. At that age, you are not playing competitively, you’re just playing for fun. I think that’s what allows guys to keep playing is that they still love the game for the game that it is. Just making friends through the game and seeing that it can bring opportunities along the way.”

Wingspan: What school did you originally plan on attending?

Watson: “I was originally planning on going to Dartmouth College.”

Wingspan: Why did you change schools?

Watson: “The thing with Ivy league schools is they don’t give full ride athletic scholarships. They only help you with financial aid so the full ride I got from UC Riverside for basketball was a better decision for me both in the short term and long term.”

Wingspan: Were there any other schools you were contemplating?

Watson: “No.”

Wingspan: What aspects of UC Riverside appeal to you?

Watson: “They have a good nationally ranked business school, which is the major I want to get. It’s a good location. Easily accessible, close to LA, close to the beach too. My family can easily come out and visit me if they want. The coach that just got hired, the head coach, I’ve known him for awhile. That’s good in terms of our relationship on and off the court.”

Wingspan: What do you think the transition will be like from highschool to college basketball?

Watson: “The main difference will be that you become a freshman again and you’re playing up against older, better competition. Bigger, faster, stronger so that’ll be a challenge.”

Wingspan: What are you expecting from being a college athlete?

Watson: “I am expecting it to be difficult at times with the more responsibilities and increased workload but I also think it’ll be a good time too.