Staff incentive pay up for vote Wednesday


Caitlyn Kleibert

Public school teachers in Texas, such as English teacher Kacie Smith, would receive a one time pay raise of $5,000 if Senate Bill 3, proposed by Sen. Jane Nelson (R) is passed and signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott (R).

Megan Lin, Editor-in-chief

The Frisco ISD Board of Trustees is holding a special school board meeting at 4 p.m. Wednesday, at the administration building, in part to consider a resolution to pay a one-time incentive payment to employees on June 15 with the minimum payment being $600 for full-time employees.

“Frisco ISD used to offer both a 401(A) match and employee wellness benefit. Both were cut following the failure of the 2016 Tax Ratification Election as part of the Priorities-Based Budget Process,” FISD communications director Meghan Cone said via email. “Throughout the PBB process, members expressed their desire for the District to prioritize staff salaries and benefits and enhance these areas where possible in the future.”

I think that it says that they’re doing kind of what they should be doing and what other districts around us are doing,”

— English teacher Kacie Smith

With teacher healthcare costs rising, AP English Language and Composition teacher Kacie Smith believes the district is trying to help teachers.

“I think they’re offering them because the Texas legislature is increasing our health care and decreasing the amount that they are contributing to it,” Smith said. “Anything helps and the fact that in Texas we’re not allowed as teachers to do what other states are doing as far as like walk out or protest. So I appreciate that districts are trying to offset some of our costs.”

The resolution also includes proposals to increase substitute pay rates and a 401 (A) match benefit enhancement at $0.25 per $1 up to one percent of employee’s base wages, all to make FISD more competitive.

“Honestly, I think that it says that they’re doing kind of what they should be doing and what other districts around us are doing,” Smith said. “I appreciate it; I honestly think that there’s more that they can do. There’s more that other school districts around us have done and that if they want to keep the teachers coming into Frisco and keep the teachers that they have in Frisco, then they should continue to look at what other districts around are doing and kind of take a hint from them as well.”