Bowling and games rather than class for some seniors


Avery Nolden

From video games to bowling and laser tag, dozens of seniors are at Pinstack in Plano for Monday’s “Senior Skip Day”.

Aliza Porter, Staff Reporter

Skipping school isn’t usually encouraged by schools, but on Monday, it’s OK for those that signed up for “Senior Skip Day”. In years past, this meant a trip to Six Flags, but for the class of 2018, it’s a trip to Pinstack.

“We decided to do it because the last few years have not been great turn outs,” parent Denise Holden said. “One because it’s so expensive and it takes a longer time so we just thought we would try something a little different and hopefully that everybody would like it.”

“Senior Skip Day” is planned far in advance, with each planning committee having the option to choose what to do.

“Next year’s group would have to decide if they want to try something different or maybe go back to Six Flags,” Holden said. “So basically we’re a group that lasts for one year and so the next group will have to pick up and try new things.”

With graduation less than two weeks away, senior Samantha O’Brien is looking forward to being with her classmates before everybody goes their own way.

“I decided to participate in “Senior Skip Day” because I thought it’d be fun to spend the day at Pinstack with my friends,” O’Brien said. “It will be fun if I have my friends with me. I think the purpose of “Senior Skip Day” is to have the seniors have a good time with their friends before the year is up and we are off on our own.”

“Senior Skip Day” is event is an optional event, but seniors not going to Pinstack are expected to attend school.

“They are expected to go,” Holden said. “Unfortunately the school is not going to let them just not show up to anywhere. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is. It’s not a true skip day. We’ve been told not to call it that because it’s not a true skip day. We hope a lot of people come and we are getting more that want to go within the last few weeks. I think peer pressure helps.”