Football and Trunk or Treat swap nights


Brian Higgins

The practice schedule for football was altered when the FISD decided to move this week’s game from Friday night to Thursday. The change led school administration to move Truck or Treat from Thursday to Friday in the fieldhouse.

Halle Barham, Sports Director

Hoping to avoid a second consecutive week of weather postponements, the school district decided not to risk things and moved all football games to Thursday. Not only is the football game moved to Thursday, but Trunk or Treat has been moved to Friday. For the football team, it’s put a rush on game preparations for Heritage.

“It’s obviously going to speed everything up,” head football coach Chris Burtch said. “I mean, you think you have four days of prep time, but now you only have three. You just kinda have to fast forward the game plan and cut out a few of the things you were going to do, and that you don’t think are necessary. You gotta trim it out a little bit, trim the fat away. Speed it up and trim away the other stuff.”

While it’s taken an adjustment for the football team, the band has had to adjust as well.

“The area competition was already rescheduled to Monday, so with the mindset of Trunk or Treat on Thursday we kind of expected a break,” flute player Tiffany Zhang said. “But with the football game being moved to Thursday, the band’s schedule was really affected.”