Parking at a premium for students


Student can only park in the designated parking lot and must pay $50 for 2018-19 parking permit. Students that do not get a permit may receive a $10 fine and a clamp on their tire.

Walker Shippy, WTV Staff Reporter

With an expected enrollment of close to 2,200 students this year, student parking is going to be at a premium especially during the fall.

As always, the parking lot in front of the school and the one between the cafeteria and fieldhouse are for teachers and staff only.

Meanwhile, the northeastern parking lot on the side of the school, closest to the gym and auditorium will be available to students for the whole year.

However, the southeastern parking lot, the one closest to Rolater, will be utilized by band for rehearsals and will not be available for student use until the end of marching band season, which ends when football season is over in early November.

For students that drive, parking permits are 25 dollars a semester via MyPaymentsPlus and a parking pass is required.

Students that do not get a parking permit will face fines and possibly get a boot placed on their car.