Inspired by the body, health science students get creative


Aliza Porter

Health Science is starting the year off with a group project involving careers related to health science and art.

Aliza Porter , Assignment Editor

Health science is starting the year off with a project creating an ideal person for the career of choice related to health science. Not only are students expressing their artistic skills, but they are bonding over their love for health science.

“Most kids who take health science, have some type of interest in the medical field so this project came from the thought process that if they’re going to be interested in it, let me give them some personal qualities and characteristics that they have to have in order to be proficient in whatever field they’re in,” health science teacher Stephen Friar said. “We give them different medical professions and they have to identify what’s good and what’s not good.”

While many teachers give an “all about me” project or assignment at the beginning of the school year, health science students get to learn about their classmates through a project.

It’s fun being creative by being able to draw, what they should look like, and while still learning more about the career of a general surgeon,

— junior Amelia Jáuregui

“Usually when we start class, I kind of try to get a gage of our students,” Friar said. “We do some things to try and get to know each other and then hit the ground running with what it takes to be in this field and just from their parents standpoint and then after we take care of their parents, then we start getting into the actual skills work of it.”

The students are able to decide whichever career they want to research and base their project off. For one group, general surgeons stuck out to them the most.

“Right now, we are working on a career project for health science,” junior Melanie Ford said. “We are researching general surgeons and characteristics they need to have and the regulations of how the career works and their expectations in the field.”

While learning about a career in health science more in depth is fun for some, just being able to draw is the most exciting part for others.

“I like being able to pick what we chose to research because it gives us a deeper understanding of something we’re interested in maybe in the future,” junior Amelia Jáuregui said. “It’s fun being creative by being able to draw, what they should look like, and coming up with creative ways to make the poster look appealing, while still learning more about the career of a general surgeon.”

This project helps students to think about their future earlier but for one junior, it’s more than that.

“We’re doing a poster over OBGYN and we’re just labeling the responsibilities of the health care workers, in this case the obstetrician, and for clothing responsibilities and grooming responsibilities,” junior Pradyun Sangineni said. “I want, in my future, I want to go into medicine. I’m not really sure which field yet, but that’s why I’m taking health science. I hope to get into health science 2 senior year so that’ll help me.”