Coffee, Counselors, and Seniors


Aliza Porter

With seniors beginning their college application process, counselors are recognizing the effort through optional counselor sessions. There will be sessions with just the parents and counselors and others with just the students and counselors.

Aliza Porter, Assignment Editor

Senior guidance sessions begin Thursday and continue Friday with counselors providing information on the college application process, including how to request letters of recommendation and transcripts.

“Our seniors have begun the application process so we want to get them timely information,” counselor Lindsay Pfiffner said. “We do our guidance in the fall, so these counselor sessions right now are geared towards seniors, but we will have several topics available over the course of the whole year for all students.”

Although the senior sessions are aimed towards students who are currently seniors, there are Coffee with the Counselors sessions such as the one Thursday morning geared for parents.

“The purpose is for counselors and parents to connect over topics relevant to their students,” Pfiffner said. “It takes place in the morning before school, approximately monthly.”