American Legion brings voter registration drive to campus

Vivek Sundararaman

Kasey Harvey, Editor-in-chief

From a hotly contested senate race to the Frisco ISD TRE and bond election, the Nov. 6 election cycle is building and on Friday, students and staff had the opportunity to register to vote as the Frisco American Legion was on campus.

“As a student and as a citizen, you have a right to vote,” American Legion Post 178 member Larry Marshall said. “Your vote counts on elections and without registering, you won’t be able to vote. I’m hoping that they will start to understand government a little bit better than possibly what they do now. They’ll be able to research the candidates and make a decision in regards to which candidate philosophies and concept they like better and be able to make a valued vote.”

Anybody with a government issued ID and that is at least 17 and 10 months old, and will be 18 on Election Day, could register. But for senior Truman Davis, now isn’t the time for him to think about voting.

“I haven’t put too much time into voting,” senior Truman Davis said. “I’m just too busy to be worrying about who to vote for. That’s just too much for me to think about. I think I definitely will eventually. Most 18 year olds are seniors in high school or about to graduate and I don’t think they know enough about our economic situation as a country enough to vote.”

With the election a little more than 6 weeks away, associate principal John-Eric Zaier stresses the importance of voting.

“It’s an opportunity to be involved in our country,” Zaier said. “I know it’s a massive nation. There is millions and millions of people but at the same time, every vote does count. We’ve seen that countless time for our industry and one person’s does impact exactly what is going to happen in our local area, state, and obviously national level as well.”