AP art students draw inspiration from museum trip


Melody Tavallaee

Students Shreya Volaboju, Jimmy Qian,and Melissa Rondinelli (left to right) observe art on an AP drawing field trip.

Kanz Bitar, Guest Contributor

AP Drawing students are back on campus Monday after spending Friday at the The Kimbell Art Museum and The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.

“The Kimbell Museum is one of the best museums in the world and they have a world class art collection of old masters, they have Michael Angelo’s very first painting that he did when he was 12 or 13 which dates back to the 15 or 16 hundreds,” teacher Pernie Fallon said. “They have Picasso’s work and they have the impressionist and it’s just a wonderful museum. The Modern Museum is a totally different take on contemporary art and it’s good to have just a well rounded view.”

Fallon had the idea for this trip since the Takashi Murakami exhibit at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth opened in June. With the exhibit closing on Sunday, it was the only chance for her students to visit.

“What I really liked about Takashi Murakami’s artwork was the fact that he blended old with the new traditions,” senior Jessica Komarovsky said. “He had this really cool Japanese folklore elements where there was like a temple imagery and symbols of old matter but there was also like anime almost characters where they were super adorable and cartoon like and their was also a technology element with like antennas and other stuff. So I really liked how he went about blending old with new traditions and it was just a really interesting hybrid that i think you could relate  to and appreciate in a different way.”

All the students were excited to get a free day from school and have fun with their friends while still learning about and enjoying art.

“I was excited to see all the different art pieces and the different artists throughout history and obviously to hangout with friends,” junior Emma Marom said.

A day outside of school wasn’t a day without learning as Fallon had expectations and hopes for the students to benefit and learn from this trip.

“That they will find a favorite piece that they just love and want to spend some time with and really get to know it better,” Fallon said. “And that it deepens their appreciation for art and help inspire them for future projects they may have.”