Band students auditions for state jazz assemble

Students interested in trying out for a spot in state jazz will have the chance to audition on Wednesday.


Kennedy Williams

Senior Sid Sadhu plays the trumpet in hopes of making jazz band while senior Patrick Lin and sophomore Chris Xiao watch the performance.

Aliza Porter, Assignment Editor

Region 24 students will get the chance to tryout for the 2018 All-Region Jazz Auditions on Wednesday at Plano West High School. While this is only phase one, students have been preparing since May.

“Students elect to audition for this process in May and begin the training process for the competition during the summer,” associate director of bands Zach Anderson said. “Students from all over the state have been working on four etudes since May and have been competing throughout the month. Students will participate in Phase one, all-region, and a select number will advance to the area round to record for state.”

The Region Audition will take place at Plano West High School and the Area Recording round will take place the first week in October. One returning trumpet player hopes to advance further than he did last year.

“So last year I auditioned again for region jazz to qualify for state level and after a bunch of hard work and dedication, I actually did achieve state,” senior Sid Sadhu said. “I went to the state level and placed top ten. I really have this drive to pursue music as a career or jazz music as a career in college. Making state again gives me opportunity to showcase myself saying it wasn’t just luck that I made state. I’m really dedicated and my goal this year is actually to be number one in the state. I’ve been working really hard and I hope it pays off. That’s the reason why because music is a passion for me and I want to do it as a career.”

As one musician hopes to gain more knowledge in music through these auditions, senior Patrick Lin shares similar aspirations.

“I wanted to try out because I knew it would be a learning experience that would make me a better musician and make me appreciate new kinds of music,” Lin said. “Also, once you make region or state you get to work with lots of really great individuals which is extremely fun and educative.”

While practice doesn’t make perfect, outside of school opportunities can offer a boost for advancement.

“I do a lot of gigs around town with a lot of different musicians,” Sadhu said. “When I perform with different musicians, I pick up certain ideas and my creativity skills go up and I really learn different ways and how to move around in my music.”

Although auditioners have been preparing for months now, their work does not go unnoticed.

“We have 12 students auditioning and I’m incredibly proud of all the work they have put in for this process,” Anderson said. “We wish them the best of skill heading into the audition.”