Dark Hour makes annual Halloween debut


Roy Nitzan

Handmade latex cast molds, like unicorn or dinosaur heads used for costumes, can be seen all around the haunted house.

Kasey Harvey, Editor-in-chief

With over 30,000 sq feet of horror, the fourth best haunted house attraction according to USA Today, has opened its doors for the halloween season stretching from Sept. 21- Oct. 31.

Dark Hour includes six seasons throughout the year with every haunted house unlike the other. Offering Halloween, Wreck the Halls, Love is Blind, Saint Patrick’s Slay, Spring Fever, and Dog Days of Summer, Dark Hour has made a name for itself through its extensive crew and set.

Requiring many steps, Dark Hour is made up of actors, costume designers, set designers, and many more. However, for assistant costume director Alex Godwin, she connected to the Dark Hour family through her father.

“My dad was working here before I was and so I got to know them through him,” assistant costume director Alex Godwin said. “So just being around them, it was a lot of fun. Good company. So, I was like ‘hey I want to play too.’”

Already putting next year’s halloween haunted house in motion, Dark Hour looks at a wide variety of scare tactics to appeal to every audience.

“It’s really easy to scare one person,” director of Dark Hour Haunted House Allen Hopps said. “You follow them for awhile, you take some pictures. That really freaks them out. But when you want to scare like 10,000 people, it takes a lot more work and planning. Scaring a small number of people is easy, but a lot of people is tough.”

Tickets are available for purchase at darkhourhauntedhouse.com.