Orchestra makes fall debut


Lucas Barr

All-Region orchestra auditions take place on Saturday at Jasper High School. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are able to audition for the lower string level orchestra. The higher level is available to all grades, along a chance to make the symphonic or philharmonic orchetras.

Caleb Wai, Guest Contributor

Orchestra will sound its first notes of the school year at its fall concert Thursday night in the auditorium starting at 7 p.m.

“We feel really excited, there’s a lot of great things going on,” assistant director Victoria Lien said. “The camerata group is playing a piece that is a little abnormal but it’s a really cool piece called December, and the rest of the groups are doing great which is a great start to the year.”

Rehearsing virtually every day since the first day of school, orchestra members are ready for their two hour concert.

“I feel that we have prepared a lot and I feel like we’re going to do very well on our concert,” freshman Aryan Samal said. “We spend an hour and a half per day that we have orchestra, and we work every single minute of that period, and I think we’ve put in so much hard work and we’re definitely going to do very well on our concert.”

The focus of first seven weeks of school has been on the build up to Thursday’s concert, but it hasn’t been all about rehearsal.

“We had a new student social which a lot of people actually went to which was nice, and it was pretty fun,” sophomore Keya Jain said. “We did a lot of team building games and it was really nice that it feels more like a family then a class.”