Singing their way to All-Region


Melody Tavallaee

Choir sings national anthem before volleyball game. Among them are sophomore Megan Guidry, juniors Kia Dunlop and Jessie Rho along with seniors Jessica Gordon and Merlyn George; all five made All-Region Choir.

Melody Tavallaee, Managing Editor

Five students from choir were named to the 2018 Texas Music Educators Association Region 24 All-Region Choir.

Choir director Toni Ugolini personally worked alongside students to enhance their singing abilities and strengthen their connections to the music through their preparation process.

“Well, we had a camp they could go to,” Ugolini said. “They got one on one on one instruction time during tutorials as well, whenever they wanted to come in before school, during advisory and just kind of work on the music with them, get them doing more than just the notes on the page to really set them apart from everybody else.”

For senior Jessica Gordon, making it into All-Region is nothing new and she strives to go further by advancing to the All-State level.

“I’m really excited that I made it, this is my 3rd year in a row being in the all-region choir and it’s a really unique experience to sing with all these talented people,” Gordon said. “Since I made the all-region choir I get to continue the audition process and audition for the All-State Choir. I really want to make the all State choir so I’m going to keep working to improve as a singer and do the best I can in the audition!”

Students devoted much of their time to refining their skills to prepare their pieces leading up to their auditions.

“I worked with my private vocal teacher, we’d meet once every week, and I would come in during tutorials to work with the school teacher, Ms. Ugolini,” Rho said. “It helps better your skill individually as well because you need to work on it outside of school.”

Gordon believes that the process of auditioning for All-Region is an enriching experience that provides the chance to grow as a singer.

“I chose to do the All-Region process because it is a great opportunity to make me better as a singer,” Gordon said. “I think it’s really fun to learn a bunch of difficult music and then have to opportunity to perform it with a bunch of other talented singers.”

Ultimately, Ugolini believes that students’ results are a testimony to the hard work and dedication they have as singers in the choir.

“I think that they’re really working hard and so it’s nice to know that, it’s not just me doing the work, they’re putting forth the effort outside,” Ugolini said. “I think it says that Liberty kids are way better than everybody else.”