Doctor Strange

Dea-Mallika Divi, Assignment Editor

Although Stan Lee passed away Monday his legacy will be remembered for generations to come. Lee created many iconic superhero characters like Spider-Man, the Hulk, Doctor Strange, the Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Black Panther, the X-Men. Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange was introduced to the Marvel fans on July 1963 through the Strange Tales #110.

Doctor Strange tells the story of a selfish surgeon who gets into a horrific accident causing him to lose the use of his hands. He experiments with various forms of modern technology and physical therapy but fails to fix his hands. Desperate to regain his hands he seeks for a cure through nontraditional means.

While traveling in Nepal, Strange runs into robbers but is saved by a powerful sorcerer, Mordo. Mordo takes Strange to meet his teacher Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme, the Ancient One in hopes of fixing his hands. At first, the Ancient One refuses to heal Strange until he broadens his mind and lets go of the selfishness he still harbors in his heart. Desperate for help Strange listens to the Ancient One. Once Strange is the Ancient One’s pupil, he gains incredible magical abilities that enable him to conjure a wide range of spells. The mastery of these spells allows him to trap opponents and shield himself from attacks. Strange is also skilled at removing his soul/consciousness from his body without those around him realizing. He has the ability to alter time around objects, locations or other beings.

The abundance of skills Doctor Strange possesses is one of many reasons he is the best character created by the late Stan Lee. The story of Doctor Strange shows the progression of a self-centered individual into one who devotes his life to the safety of humanity. The story teaches the viewers many life lessons like not to fear failure but to embrace it instead because it will help us realize something we forget about our own lives: it’s not about you.

While other storylines within the Marvel universe include magic, none of them perfectly display the complex relationship between the magical and the physical world like Doctor Strange does.