New collection tumbles into Frisco

Isabella Santiago

Lucas Barr, Editor-in-Chief

Tumbleweed TexStyles, a company started in Frisco, has added a city specific collection to its inventory just in time for the holiday shopping season. From a shirt that features the city logo, to one designed for the Rail District, art teacher and Tumbleweed TexStyles co-owner Jeb Matulich thought there would be interest in some Frisco inspired gear.

“We actually own the license to the Frisco logo, the one of the city uses the old railroad logo,” Matulich said. “We do have some new shirts that just came out that are more Frisco inspired, a couple of humorous ones, a couple of historical ones. We did one for the rail district with an old rail car, and then just a couple other generic Frisco designs that we thought people in town might like.”

For the seven years that Tumbleweed TexStyles has been operating, all T-shirts begin with Matulich’s design process.

“Designs usually start with a sketch,” he said. “If I come up with an idea, I usually sketch it down and then I’ll usually kind of refine that sketch, clean it up, make it a little bit bigger than a thumbnail sketch. Then, I will usually ink it, scan it, put it in Photoshop, clean it up, add some texture play around with different colors and stuff and then put it on shirt mocks and kind of play around with what color think it might work well with, and then finalize.”

The company’s shirts have been seen on the Today Show, Late Night with Seth Myers, NBC Nightly News, and other shows since it was founded by Matulich, and fellow co-owner and former Redhawk ISM and marketing teacher Brian Wysong, in 2011 with only a $700 investment.  

“We’ve got a pretty good base here in Frisco, but our company in general is more statewide and we actually get people from all over the country that are native Texans or proud Texans that buy our things as well,” Matulich said. “We just printed I think 120 shirts [in 2011], and now we print thousands at a time so it’s definitely grown. We’ve got started with just a few, you know, a handful of designs and now I think we’ve got probably like 50 or 60 that are on the website at the moment.”

Despite having carried shirts specific to Houston, Austin, Dallas, Frisco, and West Texas, the announcement marks the first collection devoted entirely to a Texas town.

“The Frisco Collection was a desire of both Coach Matulich and myself,” Wysong said. “Our inspiration for individual designs will come from the lifestyle of Frisco from history, arts, sports, people, food, entertainment and various trends that go on in our community.”

Tumbleweed TexStyle’s humble beginning has transitioned into tens of thousands of followers on social media and selling products in dozens of stores.

“[Mr. Wysong and I] decided that we want to put some of my artwork on a T-shirt,” Matulich said. “We just kind of joined forces and created the line and started small and then as we started to make our money back from shirts that we were selling. We just continued to put that money into the business and make more and more shirts. Now after seven years, we’ve got an entire huge warehouse over in Keller that’s basically full with shirts that we ship out to a hundred or so stores and then people that order everyday stuff gets shipped out.”

With the expansion of their T-shirt empire, Matulich and Wysong are working on plans to open their first physical location.

We will be opening a brick and mortar store in 2019 that will carry our Frisco designs to cater to the locals as well as people that travel in town and want to take back a souvenir or memento,” Wysong said via email. “Although, our business will grow where the demand takes it. We have over 150 retailers throughout Texas and the southern United States. We will always be open to following trends or catering to our retailers and/or demand if other city-focused designs are desired.”