Theater makes it rain in auditorium

Kate Graham, WTV Staff Reporter

Preparations are gearing up for the theater’s fall production of “Singing In the Rain” with tech students working on some special additions to the stage.

Even though the show doesn’t open until the end of the month, work on the set began in August.

“So for Singing In the Rain we started building our set at the beginning of the year with our new tech director Mr. Dixon,” junior Kyle Strickland said. “We were able to design the set through his designs and construct all our new scenery for the show.”

Last year in December, water poured from above the stage after an accident broke a pipe. To insure that a repeat of last year’s flood doesn’t happen, while still being able to make it rain in the auditorium, has the theater tech department is taking extra precautions.

“To make it rain on stage were actually going to be using a bunch of computerized software to control different pumps to control different valves,” Strickland said. “We are going to have almost a whole pond of a stage that’s going to flood from the bottom as well as a couple sprinklers raining down from the top so that it gives it a combination of top and bottom rain. All that is going to be controlled through a computers and hopefully won’t spill on to the rest of that stage and flood it like we did last year.”