PGA tees off bid to move headquarters to Frisco


Prachurjya Shreya

The Professional Golfers Association of America is anticipated to move their headquarters to Frisco if plans are approved in a Tuesday vote by the city council. The facilities are expected to be built on a 2,544 acre property in North Frisco depicted above.

Lucas Barr, Editor-in-chief

A deal is expected to be approved Tuesday afternoon by the Frisco City Council that would bring the Professional Golfers Association of America headquarters to North Frisco.

“If the PGA of America moves to Frisco, there’ll be times when maybe the biggest movers and shakers in the golf industry may come to Frisco,” golf coach Shannon Glidwell said. “It could bring conventions, golf tournaments, marketing opportunities, all kinds of things because you’re talking about people converging in Frisco for a national activity.”

The PGA’s anticipated move from their current headquarters Florida would include two 18-hole golf courses, a nine-hole practice course, a headquarters facility, and a 500 room Omni Resort which could all amount to a price tag of over $500 million.

“Look at all the other things that are coming here, like Toyota, Liberty Mutual, the Dallas Cowboys with The Star, all the development that’s happening on the North Tollway between SH 121 and Prosper, it’s pretty much a golden highway,” Glidwell said. “If you’re a large company, why wouldn’t you want to move to Frisco? There’s a lot of benefits.”

Along with the facilities, if approved by the council, Frisco could be guaranteed to host PGA championships.

“I think that the courses and championships being here would be great for our high school programs, because it’d be great way to get our high school golf motivated and I think it’d help the youth start golf,” golfer and junior Sonah Shah said. “I think and we’d also probably be more exposed to golf because I imagine that more professional golfers would come here.”