Sky high art in Dallas

Ariela Rodrigues

Aliza Porter, Assignment Editor

The top of Reunion Tower in downtown Dallas is the sight of a drawing workshop hosted by the Savannah College of Art and Design, providing students with the opportunity to extend their experience beyond just the classroom setting.  

“It will give them a really unusual perspective that they usually don’t get to draw from way up in the air looking over the city of dallas and downtown dallas,” art teacher Pernie Fallon said. “They will have an aerial view of I don’t know how far the range is you can see, maybe twenty miles and they will be practicing putting that into a perspective drawing.”

Students will visit the Cloud Nine Cafe which offers a unique 360 degree view of downtown Dallas.

“It’s interesting,” senior Melissa Rondinelli said. “I’ve never been to the Reunion Tower. I think it would be really fun and since it’s a workshop, I’m hoping to learn some new stuff. I think they’re going to teach us some new techniques and since we’re so high up, it’s a really unique perspective that you don’t get often.”

The event is free and by invitation only with attending students able to bring one guest to the event.

“I thought it would be fun and art is all about seeking discover so I decided might as well do something that I’ve never done before and see how it turns out,” junior Benjamin Afrid said. “I think the ability to see from different perspectives and different areas is important for an artist to know and that will probably help me with new skills.”