Donation drive deadline approaches


Dea-Mallika Divi

Hoping to make a difference in someone’s life, senior Davis O’Brien donates money to the annual holiday donation drive. All donations go towards the Mckinney Samaritan Inn and are due to 2B classes by noon on Thursday.

Melody Tavallaee, Managing Editor

The annual holiday donation drive in support of the McKinney Samaritan Inn ends on Thursday at noon with 2B classes collecting money and gift cards for nearly two weeks.

“My goal for the drive was to get kids excited about it and to get more than $1 per kid and we doubled that, so that was really, really exciting,” government teacher Kristin Lynch said. “Hopefully I can get couple more kids to donate just because it does make a huge difference.”

Through raising donations, the drive has students looking at the situations that others face during this time of year.

“I just think it was a really nice thing to do, especially this time of year,” senior Katie Love said. “I think we live in Frisco and it’s a nicer area so I think we’re all somewhat more privileged than a lot of people, so I think we need to recognize that.”

The drive allows students on campus to give back to the community in what can be a life changing way.

“I think it’s really important to be thankful for what you have and to be willing to give back to those who don’t have what you have,” Lynch said. “Making opportunities available to them can change their lives so much more than we realize just because we haven’t experienced those types of losses or that type of poverty or struggle in life. Through giving them those opportunities, we help break cycles, we help bring joy and happiness means more than anything in the world.”

Along with helping others in the community, the drive also allows students to grow into more selfless people.

“I think it was a good way to build character and it’s not something you put on your college apps, but it’s something that you can feel good about for yourself, which I think is important,” Love said. “I think that a lot of people aren’t able to have the typical Christmas so I think being able to give some people that experience is really, really good thing.”