Strings for the holiday season

Walker Shippy

Walker Shippy, WTV Staff Reporter

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With the holidays coming up, the season for giving is here. For one group, that means bringing classical music to the elderly.

“Since its around Christmas time we’re playing more Christmas music,”  strings for all seasons member Nandika Chirala said. “Usually we play just some more basic simple violin pieces and we go about every other week.”

Classical music holds a defining place in the hearts of many orchestra students. However, in modern times, exposure to classical music can be somewhat limited.

Junior Caroline Attmore saw a lack of classical music in nursing homes and decided to change it, by creating strings for all seasons.

“I started the club because I had been play at nursing homes for like a year before,” Attmore said. “I thought it was something that was necessary because nursing homes residents really didn’t get the experience, like they weren’t really exposed to classical music except for during the holiday season and that was something that I wanted to change so that they could experience it throughout the entire year rather than just a couple of weeks.”

The club plays at Victoria Gardens Nursing Home every other week on Thursdays.

“We play at the nursing homes every other week on Thursdays for about 30 to 45 minutes,” Attmore said. “We just play in the cafeteria for all the residents and they usually just gather around once they start hearing the music.”

Members of the club see the music uplifting and a great way to spread cheer and give back to the community.

“It’s a good way to give back to the community,” Chirala said. “Since violin is something that I like to do, it something I can do to make people happy,” strings for all seasons member Nandika Chirala said.