Students take a final stride towards All-state


Prachurjya Shreya

Straying from the norm of playing instruments, orchestra students are learning by singing. “We started singing at the beginning of every class to help develop students’ hearing ability,” assistant director Victoria Lien said.

Kennedy Williams, WTV Staff Reporter

Students in the band program will audition on Saturday for one of the TMEA 5A or 6A All-State bands throughout the day at Coppell High School after advancing past region auditions back in December.

“Going into the audition, I feel pretty well-prepared,” senior, and past all-state alto saxophonist, Eddie Chen said. “Making all state is one of the biggest accomplishments a high school musician can achieve. The convention is always a great experience and it’s rewarding to be able to play music with some of the top musicians in the state.”

The probability of any of these students making an all-state band is fairly low, but regardless of the outcome, each student will come out of the audition stronger, according to band director Zack Anderson.

“I hope the students take away from the experience that, regardless of their placement, the effort is not lost,” Anderson said, “All of the time and effort that they have put in up to this point has helped them progress as a musician, and they will be able to reap the benefits of the time and energy that they put into the etudes.”

The following students will be auditioning Saturday for one of the 5A or 6A All State bands:

Jeamin Yun
Lyric Hill
Richard Huang
Aniket Matharasi
Daniel Yang
Eddie Chen
Patrick Lin
Brooke Saltar
Shelby Pybus
Josh Lee
Kennedy Williams