District’s growth leads to new hires


Madison Saviano

Frisco ISD Board of Trustees will host their monthly meeting at the Frisco ISD administration building at 6:30 p.m. Monday night.

Melody Tavallaee , Managing Editor

Frisco ISD’s growth was a focus of Monday’s Board of Trustees meeting with enrollment numbers showing more than 60,000 students currently enrolled with district leaders adding dozens of new teachers to meet demand.

“This will offer flexibility for us to bring outstanding candidates to the district in preparation for next school year, particularly in critical-needs areas,” Frisco ISD Chief Human Resources Officer Pam Linton said in an article from Community Impact.

The effects of the district’s decision to add staff is already on display as several new staff members began working on campus at the start of the second semester.

“From the beginning I was very interested in joining Frisco ISD and Liberty just happened to be one of the best options I had,” Spanish teacher Maria Caicedo said. “I like the atmosphere, the students – it’s a pretty diverse background and it just seemed like the best fit for me.”

The arrival of new teachers on campus is providing relief for some large classes on campus.

“So right now three of my classes have become a lot smaller so we went from thirty students to I think fifteen,” Spanish Kristin Kubic. “So not is that only helping me to help the students in the class during the classroom period but now that we have an extra teacher we are able to then during advisory we can split up more of the different remediation activities that we need to do.