Lights, camera, club photos

Yael Even, Staff Reporter

PA chimes could be hear sounding throughout the day Wednesday as all clubs and organizations are taking yearbook pictures in main gym.

“It’s a little chaotic,” photographer Kara Whaley said. “It’s still fun, it’s just counting kids all day.”

Getting dozens of students to pose for a picture can be tough to manage.

“It’s chaos,” photographer Amy Smith said. “The larger the group, the louder they are, the harder to get them and ready to go because they are all talking at the same time.”

With more than 50 clubs and organizations on campus, having Whaley and Smith take the club pictures is a big help to the yearbook staff.

“So they will be taking pictures all day and we run them up,” yearbook adviser Kim Breen said. “It’s super helpful having it all done, having it out of the way, and having everyone represented in the yearbook.”