Campus gets landscape facelift


Kasey Harvey

Ripping up bushes and plants by the flagpoles and around the school, revamping the soil will mean a better looking school landscape.

Kasey Harvey, Editor-in-chief

The front of the school has a different look Tuesday as most of the landscaping was ripped up and is in the process of being replaced.

“I think it will be helpful because it makes a school look nicer,” senior Noah Duong said. “It might make it look a lot drearier at the start but I think it’ll look better overall.”

Workers spent several days last week taking out many of the old bushes and trees and putting down more dirt and sod in a process that is continuing this week.

“There are different sections of the campuses they want to improve this is the first kind of face lift,” assistant principal Phil Brown said. “They’re giving the campus they’re just updating the greenery and making sure all of the trees and things are pruned and kept clean.”

From an ecological standpoint, the reconstruction of the schools landscape could revamp the soil quality around campus.

“I’m pretty certain that if they’re removing shrubs, it’s probably because they have an idea of some better landscapes,” AP environmental science teacher Jamie Berendt said. “If they’re going to replant something, it’s probably a good thing. Maybe they need to cultivate the soil to make it a little bit more nutrient rich. There’s probably a lot of good reasons but as long as they are replacing and making the school look nice but also keeping it sustainable as far as the soil and things like that.”