Committee helps district identify long range priorities

Kennedy Williams, WTV Staff Reporter

Staff members throughout the district headed to the administration building hours after the work day last night and met as the long range planning committee.

At the meeting, members discussed a tax proposition that was voted on and approved in November. This proposition, the tax ratification election or TRE, adjusted tax rates of Frisco citizens in order to promote the building of new facilities, create smaller class sizes, among other things.

“The long range planning committee is something that we put in place after failure of the first tax ratification election (tre) back in 2016, and it’s been comprised of staff members as well as community members in helping the board identify the priorities of the district and what we want to do long term with the resources that we have,” President of the FISD Board of Trustees John Classe said. “Even though the 2018 tax ratification election did pass, they’re serving in an ongoing role to continue to give us that guidance with the revenue that we’ll now receive from the passage of that election.”

This committee has been set in place to help ensure that the money acquired from the TRE is used in a way that can benefit as many as possible.