New program allows residents to track crime


Screenshot of crime mapping dashboard

A new interactive crime tracking map allows for citizens to view crime trends in the city. By using technology, there is more transparency with the trends involving crimes.

Melody Tavallaee, Managing Editor

A new Crime Mapping Dashboard launched by the Frisco Police Department allows citizens to view crime trends in the city through the use of interactive visual elements like maps and charts.

“I would like to thank the City of Frisco Information Technology GIS team for their hard work on this important project. The Frisco Police Department is committed to using technology as another layer of transparency, public access and community engagement with our citizens and business owners,” Deputy Chief Jason Jenkins of the Frisco Police Department said in a news release. “It is our hope that the Crime Mapping Dashboard will provide a geographical view of police-related activity to better inform our citizens, which will ultimately lead to a reduction in crime.”

The map is updated every night and covers the last 30 days, ensuring that citizens have the most updated news about crime, ideally helping residents stay safe.

“If people see a certain amount of offenses happen in a certain area, all the time, they won’t go to that area, won’t buy property in that area and they can let their kids know what’s going on in that area if they have to go there,” school resource officer Glen Hubbard said. “We don’t have any areas that are really bad that you have to worry about but it’s nice for safety reasons.”

Along with helping citizens who already reside in Frisco, the map also provides a useful tool to people considering moving to the city.

“I do think this will help people make up their mind about moving here,” campus registrar Brittany Fernandez said. “I guess it could help them make their decision because there are some heavier areas and there are some lighter areas.”