Power surge disrupts clocks and classrooms


Kasey Harvey

Tuesday’s power surge did not just leave clocks hours off the correct time, but left many teachers unable to operate their projectors. Teachers adapted lessons as administration worked to solve the problem.

Melody Tavallaee , Managing Editor

An overnight power problem has wreaked technology havoc throughout the school Tuesday, with problems sweeping the halls from the clocks to the projectors.

“My projector would not work at all, it kept saying there was no input and I tried everything, but nothing worked,” chemistry teacher Angela Montgomery said. “It was total craziness, it was very chaotic because I was running around writing as much as I could on the board as possible.”

The technology complications forced teachers to work around the problem to ensure that students still learn everything in the curriculum.

“I just read what would have been on the slides to the students,” English teacher Joshua Melton said. “I made sure that students are able to access the information on their own later by putting it on Google Classroom.”

The problems that arose due to the power surge slowed down the work rate in classes where teachers depend on using the projectors.

“We still covered the same material, they had to be patient with me because I wrote more of it on the board instead of being able to look at papers under the document camera,” Montgomery said. “It took a little more time to get through the material.”

The obstacles that arose from Tuesday’s technology problems had a silver lining of sorts as  teachers were provided a chance to test out new teaching styles.

“I usually can think of something else we can do to get the same lesson to figure out the same kind of things that we need to do to be successful in today’s class,” Melton said. “It kind of forces you, whenever you have an issue like that happen, you’re teaching to think creatively, interestingly, how to change up something and sometimes it’ll turn out like a pretty cool way of doing something that you might want to incorporate later.”